The WeHo Coven

A British Traditional Witchcraft Coven of Gardnerians based in Southern California

A Coven That Works Together Stays Together

Witches make themselves accountable for their actions. Covens make themselves available for support.

Regular Meetings

We meet regularly to mark the Sabbats, work on Esbats, and for many other occasions.

Practice & Study

Members learn to develop their independent skills and apply them in collective group work.

Elevate & Evolve

We each strive to elevate ourselves as priesthood and as people. By invoking the gods, we summon our better selves.

Hard Gards with Hearts

The WeHo Coven is the only Gardnerian coven operating in Los Angeles.

We meet regularly to engage in the various activities of Traditional Wiccan praxis, including worship of the gods, the celebration of the Sabbats, and ritual work during the Esbats.

Studying the occult arts and sciences form the strong undercurrent that flows throughout our group dynamic.


Coven Membership

As a working coven, we are deeply committed to advancing our access, appreciation, and application of the Mysteries of the Craft. Thus, it is one's experience as a witch, not necessarily their eagerness to be one, that determines our coven membership.

However, we have an Outer Court where we offer educational events and training opportunities to the earnest and sincere seekers interested in practicing Traditional Wicca.


We lift each other up by standing on the traditions our elders laid down.


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If you're interested in learning more about Traditional Wicca and Gardnerian Witchcraft, let us know.


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